The Tiny Vegan Kitchen,
in all its tiny glory.

The Tiny Vegan Kitchen
Our kitchen is a scant 7' x 8', tucked into the corner of our circa-1700s apartment. It has a decent amount of storage, not enough electrical sockets, no microwave, no fancy gadgets (we have a blender and a toaster, and some pretty cool expanding cup measuring things). We like our kitchen though, and we can make some nice vegan fodder in there.

The Chef
KK does most of the cooking. He's not a professionally trained chef. He is English, but that doesn't help much. KK studied media, and has worked as a computer technician, veterinary nurse and author.

"I became a vegan for the animals. It's great to feel good about what you eat. The health and environmental benefits aren't too bad either."
~ KK

The Producer
Lena runs the show. An engineering major and animal-loving vegan, Lena takes care of the TVK and manages the camera during a shoot.

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