string beans

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Thanks to Mellissa Ray Davis
for the tofu dry-fry method

String Beans and Bean Curd
This is a great recipe, pilfered from the Chinese takeway and remodelled at home. It tastes amazing, and is incredibly simple if you prepare the beancurd (tofu) correctly.

Prepare the tofu. Firstly, open the package and drain the water. Slice the tofu in 1" strips, about ½" wide. Place these strips between two pieces of kitchen towell or cloth napkin, and press down gently; enough to get the water out, not enough to kill the tofu.

Using a non-stick pan, brown the tofu on a low to medium-low heat. Slow cooking stops the tofu sticking to the pan. You DO NOT need any oil or anything else on the pan. Just the tofu. Low heat. Got it?

Press down on the tofu with a spatula, and flip over once golden and firm. When they're golden and firm on both sides, they're done.

Put the teriyaki in a dish and mix in the tofu. Let it sit in the sauce while you cook the string beans. The tofu will absorb the marinade like a sponge.

Stir-fry the green beans with half the teriyaki sauce in a wok or heavy saucepan for five minutes. Add the tofu and fry for another 3-5 minutes.

Serve immediately. Eat. Enjoy.

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